What Everyone Must Know About Hong Kong Metropolitan University?

Hong Kong metropolitan university was mainly known as the open university of Hong Kong. This is mainly a self-financing university. This was mainly established by the Hong Kong government. Initially, it was begun in 1989 mainly as a distance learning university. Earlier this university was offering part-time learning for the adults without having any prior qualifications.

Important facts to know about Hong Kong Metropolitan university

This particular university has mainly started to offer full-time programs in 2001. This university has more than 9,600 students in its full-time programs in Hong Kong Metropolitan University

The postgraduate degree is mainly an academic title that the students earn when they have mainly completed their bachelor’s degree. Students go to pursue postgraduate degrees for many different reasons. Some mainly do this to move into research or specialize in a particular career path. The students also pursue a postgraduate degree to change their career paths entirely. The post-graduation studies are mainly divided into 3 categories:

  1. The master’s degree includes an MA degree or an MS degree.
  2. The doctorate degree which includes research doctorates the Ph.D degree as well as the professional doctorate or the professional degree
  3. The specialist degree.

Some of the best postgraduate degrees are as below:

  1. The postgraduate degree in nursing.
  2. The postgraduate degree in law.
  3. The postgraduate degree in psychology.
  4. The post-graduate degree in education.
  5. Post-graduate degree journalism.
  6. The postgraduate degree in social work.
  7. The post-graduate engineering degree.
  8. The post-graduate degree in medicine.
  9. The post-graduate degree in public health.
  10. The post-graduate degree in computer science.
  11. The post-graduate degree in medicine.

These are some of the important facts to know about postgraduate education.