What does CLP has to offer?

Smart Energy Connect is now an online platform for achieving sustainability under the umbrella of CLP Holdings, one of the Asia Pacific Region’s largest investor-owned power companies. They provide end users, businesses, and utilities with access to a variety of energy management services. Smart Energy Connect allows building energy management solutions that fits your requirements, and their group of experts will assist you in meeting your sustainability objectives.

CLP is concerned about their clients and the community in which they live. In response to the Asia Pacific region’s and the world’s energy challenges, they aim to empower their clients in achieving sustainability objectives and combating climate change.

Changing climate is not a fresh global issue, but it can be addressed through creative solutions. To meet the expectations of its consumers, Smart Energy Connect employs cutting-edge technology. Here you will find a variety of sustainability options, ranging from smart-lighting to power generation via solar energy, to assist you in meeting your sustainability objectives.

More about Smart Energy Connect

Smart Energy Connect is an ideal one-stop store for digital energy advancement to generate a more viable future and beyond, even if you are working on reducing power bills or acquiring better visibility of energy consumption.

Smart Energy Connect has always been eager to support innovative renewable technologies that contribute to the achievement of collective sustainability goals. If you are having a great idea or an existing power solution, take part as a developer and help them change the energy landscape. Their mission has always been to help their customers optimise resources and make their low-carbon journey easier.