Difference between manual and automatic winding

Mechanical watches can generally be divided into two groups: hand-wound watches and self-winding watches. The latter have a winding system that is activated by the natural movement of the wrist. This is usually possible thanks to an oscillating weight, also called a winding rotor, which oscillates from side to side while the watch is being worn and which charges the mainspring. It is therefore not necessary to remember every time to wind the watch on your own initiative, as in the case of manually wound watches. A self-winding watch always works if you wear it daily best watch brands for men.

Watches with quartz movement

Quartz watches are called in this way because inside them there is a crystal, a quartz in fact, which allows you to mark the time.

Specifically, quartz is used to recreate the oscillatory movement at a certain speed and to do so it must be cut to such an extent as to cause a constant frequency of 32.768 hertz which gives rise to the second . Thanks to this precise study, the quartz watch offers excellent precision.

Quartz watches work by means of a small battery which must be replaced after 12 – 18 months maximum (apart from lithium batteries which can last up to 5 years). For its replacement it is advisable to contact qualified personnel provided with all the suitable equipment to open and close the case back and then guarantee the integrity and water resistance of the watch itself.

The advantages of quartz watches

First of all, their purchase price can be cheap, allowing the buyer to choose from a wide range of models, from the simplest and most subtle to the most complicated such as chronographs. The quartz movement gives the watch an excellent long-lasting precision.