The pediatric rehabilitation path must be oriented towards an objective recovery prognosis, which in turn must take into account different parameters: not only the intrinsic resources of the little patient, but also his motivation and his intellectual abilities. It makes no sense to develop a rehabilitation program based on the expectations and wishes of the parents, however legitimate and understandable they are. At the center of the path is the child, with his individuality, his timing and his ability to relate to the context in which he finds himself eswt treatment in singapore.

It is therefore advisable to rely on pediatric rehabilitation specialists who, supported by other professional figures, will be able to establish a rehabilitation process in line with the needs of the child and its peculiarities.

Physiotherapy, all the benefits it also gives to children

Physiotherapy is often very useful in children. Pediatric physiotherapy deals with psychomotor development from birth through adolescence. The physiotherapist specialized in the pediatric field, after a careful evaluation, also carries out manual therapy treatments. Pediatric treatment is aimed not only at neurological but also postural and traumatic pathologies to improve the child’s neuromotor development.

Developmental hydrokinesitherapy is the set of rehabilitative treatment techniques performed in heated water for therapeutic purposes by qualified therapists from the rehabilitation-developmental-relational aspect .

Water guarantees enormous benefits for the treatment of various neurological diseases – including hemiplegia , paraplegia , infantile cerebral palsy , autism , neuro-psychomotor difficulties – and for behavioral disorders . Thanks to its properties, it can facilitate relaxation, the reduction of spasticity present, and favor the learning and development of motor, relational and sensory potentials in a natural and positive way.