Obtaining Nutrition From Seeds in a Limo

The modern diet is quite diverse, but in spite of the fact that this is the case it still manages to be quite a bit more unhealthy than some of us might care to admit. The thing about how we eat in this modern day and age is that we don’t really eat the things that provide us enough nutrition at the end of the day. It is important to note that the original human diet that we tended to follow for hundreds of thousands of years is actually so different from what we eat today that you would be shocked.

For one thing, ancient humans probably didn’t eat any bread. The process by which bread is created had not been invented yet, so they pretty much only ate grains straight from the plant itself. If you want your Savannah limo services to incorporate food that is more accurate to the original human diet, you might want to start off by eliminating bread and starting to eat meat and berries instead. Another really important part of the Paleolithic diet was the eating of nuts and seeds.

These nuts and seeds were probably a major source of protein for early humans, and you should therefore consider trying them out for yourself. One thing is for sure, ancient humans were a lot healthier than we are now. They were both physically stronger than us and their minds were sharper too due to the reason that they had to survive in jungle settings where things were not all that safe on a regular basis. Eating nuts and seeds can really fill the gaps for you in your diet and help you become healthier.