Is Your Child Spending Way Too Much Time On Mobile?

Nowadays, a child texts first, speaks later. That’s why you will see babies today who are not old enough to be put to school are handling mobiles and gadgets flawlessly. Though this is a good sign that they will grow to be tech-savvy and all, it also has an underlying threat. As the kids grow, they start exploring the unknown terrains of the web and, in the process, become more vulnerable to online threats and traps. It is not possible for the parents to always monitor their kids’ actions sitting right next to them.

A kids phone trackerapp makes the job easy for the parents. It tracks all the mobile and online activities of the kids, and the parents can get all the information remotely from anywhere. Let’s see what are some features included in these apps.

SMS Tracking

You may think that your kids only use famous texting apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat to be in touch with their pals, and so you keep a regular track of them. What you are missing is that your kids might be clever enough to dodge your monitoring and use a simple SMS texting feature on their mobiles to exchange messages and files.

Several mobile trackers provide an SMS tracking feature so that you can even monitor the mobile text messages that your kids send and receive. Let’s see some key things SMS tracking does for you:

  • Remotely monitor the device’s inbox for all incoming and outgoing messages, even the deleted ones
  • Keep the count of all sent and received messages
  • Get the date and timestamp of the messages
  • Trace all the media files sent or received via MMS, ensuring no private files are exchanged

Gallery Tracking

Clicking photos and then sharing them with buddies is fun, not only for kids but for all age groups. The downside is that some photos may be personal or age-inappropriate, which, if they fall into the wrong hands, can be used to blackmail or bully your child. Also, your kids might download indecent images from the web, which must be kept in check.

Below discussed are some of the features of gallery tracking:

  • All images in the child’s phone can be viewed, including camera images, downloaded photos, or pictures sent to them
  • All the images can be remotely downloaded by the parent for future reference
  • The date and timestamps of every photo are also available

Your kid might be going through some online abuse from any of your relatives or acquaintances and has no clue how to discuss the issue with you. Keeping track of his/her phone gallery may help you detect the issue and address it accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Your kid’s safety is more important than his/her privacy, and mobile tracking apps are best in keeping your kid protected.

The Kids Tracker application is one such application that covers all the attributes ensuring total parental control over your child’s activities. Getting used to its features like facebook location tracker or call tracking is no rocket science and can easily be learned.